TOP 20: morning exercises for weight loss - Follow If You Want To Lose Your Weight

Exercise in the morning is very beneficial for our body.  If we want to exercise in the morning, we must wake up very early in the morning.  Because morning exercise is very beneficial for our body.  Morning breeze is good for both our mind and body.  So the prerequisite of morning exercise is to wake up in the morning.

morning exercises for weight loss - Follow If You Want To  Lose Your Weight
Wright lose morning Exercise

Today I'm going to show you 20 morning exercises that will help you lose weight. If you do these 20 exercises regularly, you will be expected to lose a lot of weight. Then let's start without further ado!


1. Stand tall with hip-width apart.  Assigned core

2. Take a big step with the right foot and start moving the weight forward so that the heel hits the floor first. 

3. The lower part of the body until the right thigh is parallel to the floor.  Press the right heel to run back up to the starting position.

4. Then switch to the other leg

Wall Push Up

1. Facing the wall, stand one arm long


 2. Then place your hands straight against the wall  And lean against it.

 3. Gently bend your elbows while holding them

 Down towards your side and your upper body The wall.

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stretches to do in the morning

20 minute yoga stretch

Flutter Kicks

1. Start lying on your back.  Keep your arms sideways and lift your legs.

2. Let the legs be as straight as possible.  Now, quickly extend your right leg and at the same time, your left leg.

3.Then do the same with the other leg.  Repeat.

Butt Bridge

1. Start lying on your back. Bend your legs.

2. Take the support of your hand on the side, and lift the butt up, then bring it down.

3. Repeat this.


1.Start at the plank position, bend your face with your arms and toes on the floor.

2. Keep your torso straight and inflexible and keep your body in a straight line from ear to toe so that no sagging or bending.

3.Hold this position for seconds.

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Head circles

Perform a circular rotation of the head in one direction and then in the other. Very slowly and carefully.

Forearm circles

Perform dynamic rotation of forearms at the elbow joint.

Hand circles

Perform the rotation with both hands at the same time

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morning stretch routine

Shoulders scissors

Perform the rotation of the shoulders forward and backward.

Hands circles

Performed the rotation of the hands in both sides

Swings left and right

Perform swing movement to the left and to the right. Look on the hand that you lift up.

Bends to legs

Count 1,2,3. On 1 tilt to the left foot, on 2 to your right foot and on 3 straighten the body

Hips circles

Perform a circular rotation of the hips.

Knee circles

Lift the leg bent at the knee. Perform rotate to the left and to the right by the leg bent at the knee. Change the leg.

Heel circles

Perform the rotation of the heel of the foot raised to toe to the left and to the right. Change the leg.

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morning exercise for women


Lying on your back, legs are raised approximately 15 cm above the floor. Perform the horizontal scissors for 30 seconds. Break for 5 seconds. Perform the vertical scissors for 30 seconds.


Lying on the stomach.Tear arms and legs off the floor at the same time and hold them at the top for one second.

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