Some teenage pregnancy Problem and effects

Some teenage pregnancy Problem and effects- You want to know it

teenage pregnancy Problem and effects
Teenage Pregnancy

What is pregnancy:

When a child comes in a girl's womb, then he is a special change in the body of a girl's body being pregnant / pregnancy. Only this special change in the body when the child comes into the womb.

Pregnancy in the age of: 

The age of age is at least 18 years of girls and the boys mean at least 21 years. If pregnancy in the age age, the physical and mental complexity of pregnant mother can not be seen. During this time, the physical problems that are seen are followed by the doctor's advice and a healthy child born in due time.

The consequence of pregnancy at the emigrant age:

If a girl is married at the age of marriage, there is no physical fullness and emotional maturity like her mother. If they are married at a young age, the girls who are mothers suffer from various mental and physical complications. Because the physical growth and structure of girls at this age are not complete. Apart from this, there is no right idea about a daughter of a daughter of immature age. If pregnancy, only the girl that will be physically and mentally damaged, but the life of newly child can also be risky. Family and society are damaged in this.

The problem caused by pregnancy in teenage:

Health problems -

Due  to pregnancy in the age of pregnancy, there is a bleeding, water in the body, the body, fierce headaches, eye-catching, fever, diphuni, abortion etc. As a result, death of mother and child increased. If you can prevent pregnancy at the age of immature, then prevent these from premature death Can be found. Moreover, if pregnant in this age, there is not enough space in the womb to grow. As a result, less weight children are born. Many times the child was born before the fullness of the womb and Various physical complexities arise from birth. These children have less resistance power.

teenage pregnancy Problem and effects
Teenage Pregnancy Problem 

Educational Problems - 

When a girl is pregnant after marriage in school, he does not get shameful and go to school. She suffered mental turmoil. Physical reasons for movement is a problem and at one stage, he leaves the study. 

Family problems - 

Due to pregnancy in immature age, girls can not work well in the house. Due to frequent illness, turmoil in the family is created.

Financial problems -

Doctor's advisory is going on in the whole of the time of pregnancy. Nourishing food is to eat. Doctors, pharmaceuticals and food requires a lot of money, which put a family in financial problems. Resistance to 

Preventing immature pregnancies:

In the existing law of Bangladesh, women's wedding for women will be at least 18 years, and the boys will be 21 years. It is considered as age. Before the age of marriage, he will be married to children, it will be a crime in the eyes of the law. Therefore, if there is no marriage to children at the age of unimaginable, there will be no chance of pregnancy at that age. There is a need for extensive publicity about the complexes that are created in the age of aggression. People's awareness will be increased through newspapers, radio, television, drama, and songs. To stop child marriage, everyone has to engage in government-private efforts. At the age of the meeting, seminars, workshops etc. To discourage pregnancy and to take effective steps, government and non-government management will be strepregnancy.